The evolution of the Media

We all know the traditional media that allow us to watch a great program on TV with famous people, or read a newspaper, in the morning while we are taking breakfast. The times are changing, and nowadays, traditional media must are going to adapt to the new social media, and they are doing it very fast. So, now you can watch that tv program or read that newspaper on your phone, tablet or computer too.
Traditional media are more expensive and complicated that the tools of social media. Even you, can create your own live video and cast it on a Youtube channel for example. I think all this is extensive to most of the traditional media. The e-mail is incredibly faster and cheaper than traditional mail but even, it is better because you can send pictures, videos, or recordings. On another hand, there is a negative point, because usually, people tend to isolate more themselves with the use of social media. And this seems a paradox.

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