KFC Responds to U.K. Chicken Shortage

In 2018, the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain had possibly one of most crises in its history. KFC's business in the U.K. ran out of chickens. Usually, when this happens, people wait for a business response. The funny of this history is how it was transformed a crisis in a successful advertising campaign.
The next ad was printed in newspapers: In an empty and thrown KFC bucket with leftover food on a red background you can read, rearranging its three famous initials, "FCK" as if to say "FUCK, this is embarrassing." 
KFC, how an apology, hired to creative agency Mother London to make one of the most creative and amazing ads.
In essence in the ad, you can see only an empty bucket on an impressive red background. It's simple but attracts the eye.
If you don't know anything about the problem of KFC with the run out of chickens, you could think it is an ad about thrown stuff on the ground or junk food.
Obviously, they don't mention anything about excess fat and not healthy food.